My financial plan for 2021 我的2021理財計劃

明天就要正式開始我畢業以後的第一份工了…現在超緊張T T,乾脆來寫一下今年的理財計劃。現在的工作如果按12個月算的話一年也不到$30k,而我二月底才開工,就…肯定不到啦。其實沒有多少錢,但還是希望今年能夠養活自己之餘存一小小筆錢。So here is my plan。


歡迎來到顏思醨的個人博客 : )


Hello! And welcome to the personal blog of Sylvie Lam (the nom de plume of S.L.). I’m a neuroscience student major in having too many hobbies. I’m interested in playing and creating music, mixology (as we all know they’re potions), and clothes that are older than me and are black.

I will be sharing articles about my hobbies, historical clothing, also my film photography works (and other things to be decided) here. Contents would be half mandarin half English.