I’m in the process of building a ‘capsule wardrobe’, or rather, a systematic wardrobe that lasts so I won’t keep thinking about buying new stuff. For the footwear, I would say have one (or two) in each category:

1. Combat boots or Chelsea: one more stylish, one that’s heavy-duty and can be worn to go hiking (ie: Timberland, Docs)
2. Heels in general (Sassy, dressy, yours classy) mostly pumps
3. Sneakers for the everyday outfits (also should be good for a workout, running obvi, but also looks good enough and durable)
4. ballet flats and loafer, more maybe mule (indoor and short-distance walk outside like taking out the garbage, sometimes replacing the role of high-heel for more formal occasion outfits when you are lazy.

Not a big fan of sandals and flip-flops so they are not on my list.



Casadei Black Techno Blade Pumps - MyShoeBazar

came across this brand the other day on Farfatch, I like the simple design that also has a bit of architectural flair. You can feel the typical style of Italian women’s footwear: very feminine and a bit ‘out there’, but probably scale down a bit so more tailored to the modern taste. Usually falls into the $500-1000 range, not very affordable per se, but I think not crazily expensive…? Whether the rather simplistic (yeah to me I want something a bit more fun) design is worth the price tag it left to your own judgment.


Versace La Medusa Naplak Pumps for Women | Official Website

yet another Italian brand (well I mean if you are looking for pumps and want something fun and high-quality there’s a high chance it’s going to be Italian) Love the 100% pure gold tone and the shapes of the high-heels in general, plus I am in great love with the brand, hail to the golden baroque foliage and medusa head XD. Usually about $1000, you can find some that are reasonably priced on sale or second-hand.

Alexander McQueen

Super fun to wear!! The classic ‘horn heel’ just looks so so nice and unique. Love the creative designs of McQueen so much. Do check out their heels collection, I found it much more pleasing than the sneakers.

Honorary mentions:

1. Valentino Garavani: outlets are better than the overdone typical rockstar series.

2. Kate Spade: cute and affordable

3. Gazhal Paris: Very French compared to the Italian shoemakers. Elegant but not boring, the design and the neutral colors can go with everything.